Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welcome to the New Blog!

HI Ladies!! 

I wanted to address some issues that have been emailed to me tonight. I hope it clears things up and if anyone has any concerns please feel free to email me :) is still alive and going strong! The second link on the page that says Gymbohaven Blog will let you stay on gymbohaven and allow you to still see the blog with out leaving the site. (if you don't see it, just refresh your page at the top of your browser)
How to sign up on the blog to Follow By Email - look at the picture below of the blog, in the big black circle it you just need to put your email and hit the Submit button - a pop up window will come up and ask you to verify with a scrambled word. Then you should be all set to receive notification by email - works just like the newsletter just more reliable :)

If you are a blogger, you know all about how to 'follow' us on the blog - by hitting the follow button and logging in with an account. If your not a blogger - SKIP THIS and just sign up for the Follow By Email above.

The reason we were switching over to the blog was a simple one... its a new technology that alot of moms are using or reading. It's easier to update you with info. I know EVERYONE will get the update, unlike the newsletter which seems to be bouncing people lately or for some odd reason dropping you. With over 12,000 subscribers on here I wanted to make sure all the moms got the news of sales, info, new lines ,etc.

The blog will ONLY be for gymbohaven - I have my own personal blog, so no crossovers will happen.

The last reason we switched over is to save money - the newsletter costs me roughly $300 a yr. Thanks to the ladies who advertise we are able to cover some of the costs of the site, newsletter, etc. But with a down economy, I needed a cutback (don't we all) and this seemed like the best one for everyone.

I hope you enjoy the blog and keep an eye out for some more fun stuff :)


I wanted to let you know we are switching from the newsletter to a BLOG - even if you are unfamiliar with a blog, all you have to do it sign up on the right hand side of the blog and you'll get email notifications of any new posts - just like the newsletter. I'm also able to keep updated info on all sales, coupons and more on there too!! This will be integrated on the main gymbohaven site too!
MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP OR BOOKMARK THE BLOG - the Newsletter will be going away this week!!
Thanks ladies!
See you on the BLOG!!

Here Comes The Stork-Your Guide to Selling Online!
There has been such an interest for the site that HereComesTheStork has given us a special code for 20% off their subscriptions - GYMBOHAVEN - have fun ladies!!

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