Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Upcoming Lines

Now these are what we all think will be coming out and in the order - June 27th capsule Bee line, Gymbuck Redemption Panda Line, Fall 2 line Airplanes and Mice...

June 27th Release - rumored to be Bees

Back to School Lines - Gymbuck Redemption

Thanks to Vanessa on Gymboplace.com - Panda for Girls and Racoons for Baby Boy

Fall Line 2

Baby Boys: Airplanes and plaid – colors: red, blue, grey
Baby Girls: Mice and polka dots – colors: navy blue, pink, grey

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  1. I didn't know where else to ask this so here goes: When are the June 2011 lines going to be posted under Gymboree lines?