Thursday, July 26, 2012

So Its been asked or stated that someone took over. No, no one took over but I do have a few helpful hands that will be behind the scenes with me. I really need everyone to understand I LOVE gymbohaven. That I LOVE sharing it with everyone. But sometimes things happen that make us put things on hold and they need to be put aside for the moment.

The last yr and a half have been a long road for us. Last yr in Feb I was diagnosed with the uterine issues - having complex hyperplasia with atypia - its the step below cancer of the uterus. Having to decide on weather or not to have more kids immediately or have a hysterectomy took a toll on our family. It was devastating to me, we've been trying for 13 years to get pregnant again.
Then in Jan after a year of being on cancer meds, 2 biopsies, 2 dncs and finally getting a result that we took the atypia off the table (the cells were not morphing anymore) - We were ready to start our journey with fertility treatments.
But I had a little bump in the road... in Jan I had an emergency appendicitis and 13 days later an emergency gallbladder removal.
Feb came the kidney stone that backed up and busted my kidney open.
After i recovered from all the surgeries we moved on to fertility treatments in March and started IVF in May. We have a short time span to try this before they decide I can't anymore and they do the hysterectomy. For me, this has been all consuming. Its our last ditch effort to get pregnant and our only chance.
We got pregnant with our first round of IVF but unfortunately I miscarried July 6th. We've got our next round set for Sept 4th.

I truly thank god for pulling us through all of it. It was a lot for our family to take on, I had to make sure I was alright before continuing on with Gymbohaven.

I hope that being open and honest with everyone explains why the site took so long to update and why it slowed down in the first place.

It might be odd to say but Gymbohaven actually gives me sanity, something to concentrate on outside all the issues we have going on in life.  I have really missed it. I appreciate being able to share it with everyone.

Thank you,