Meet Andrea

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hi, I'm Andrea; a mom of one beautiful little girl. I was introduced to Gymboree when my daughter was about 8 months old: found the forum during a web search, and Gymbohaven shortly after. It was all over after that. I scoured eBay for most of Christmas week and tracked down tons of vintage lines, some of which my daughter still isn't big enough to fit into :) I have a ton of favorite vintage lines, but I’m especially partial to girl and layette lines from 2006-2007.
Besides acting as my toddler's constant entertainment, whether it be singing, dancing, or pretending, I also work as a technical coordinator for a paint company supplying heavy duty equipment manufacturers. I love my job (most of the time), and they are great about my flexible hours, so I am very thankful for that.
Before the pregnancy with my daughter, I competed in numerous triathlons and long-distance open water swims, and I still enjoy swimming laps before work and catching a spin class in the evenings whenever I can. I also have some great core groups of friends in the area, so I consider myself all-in-all very blessed!
I am extremely close to my family, but unfortunately they all live far away, so travel to see them also consumes a fair amount of my time (and money!). I am quite the tomboy after growing up as the only girl in a fairly large family, so the world of fashion, even kids fashion, is definitely a place where I am still learning! For example, not so recently, I had to look up what Ponte pants were. So, bear with me if I am not the biggest fashionista on the block, but know I will do my best to make sure that the latest deals & sales are updated here for your reference.


  1. Hello Tina
    I need to contact Amy and can't find her> Would you please help me. Thank you,

  2. i'd like to find out more info. on the friends circle 30% off.

  3. I love that I was able to quickly locate a Tutu from a previous Mermaid Collection. Great Site!

  4. i have a pair of my granddaughters boots that are purple suede and patent with pink butterflies. Can someone please email and let me know the name of that line-can not remember for the life of me. My granddaughter who is now 13 loved Gymboree as much as i did. My mother was killed in a car accident-and my granddaughter and Gymboree got me through that tough time.
    thanks so much if anyone can help-and remember. my email is
    Thanks so much for your help.

  5. I would like to buy vintage gymboree purses how do I become a member of your site so I can buy from your followers?