Friday, January 17, 2014

Gymbuck Redemption Lines

Apparently they are in stores tomorrow. I am definitely making the drive to the store to see them in person; a lot of it looks absolutely adorable in the photos. It looks like there are three Girl and Boy lines being released at the same time:

Girls - 1) navy and pink nautical (kid girl with anchors, baby girl with some whales and fish), 2) blue and orange goldfish with some chevron pieces, and 3) a emerald-colored line with white accents
Boys - 1) navy and red pirates/nautical (baby boy has some cute owl characters in pirate garb), 2) blues and greens with whales and sharks, and 3) different shades of blue and dark purple with robots

And maybe two newborn lines being released at the same time as well (it's possible they could all be one line, but it sure looks like two very different styles to me):
Newborn Girl - 1) pinks, yellows with lots of floral and some butterflies, and 2) blue and white (think Porcelain Doll)
Newborn Boy - 1) navy, orange, and green with skunks, and 2) blue and white (looks like similar colors to the newborn girl)

I have a feeling a lot of people will be spending their Gymbucks on these lines! Personally, I think they're probably better than most of what I've seen since summer.

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